The art of permaculture in a small backyard and front lawn garden

Urban beekeeper that sells products of the hive

Brewer of actively aerobic compost teas for your home gardens, backyard farms, or landscaping projects
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Local eco-author/illustrator of Where does it all come from? Where does it all go? Toronto’s water, energy & waste systems
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Facebook: @ecomariko
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Food Up Front is a volunteer-run organization working to improve Toronto’s climate resiliency by supporting food growing any where urban gardeners have space to plant, including front yards! Since 2020 we have provided over 1000 households throughout the city with free seeds. We are also building a network of seed savers to collect a resilient, free, and Toronto-specific seed bank.
Instagram: @food_up_front

We build healthy, inclusive neighbourhoods through education and empowerment to preserve, protect and improve the environment
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BZZZBox enables everyone to easily grow their own fresh veggies, herbal teas and create pollinator friendly gardens from our unique “seed shapes”

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Two beautiful and user-friendly gardening guides for balconies and containers, filled with illustrations and a complete range of technical instructions

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Our purpose is to beautify Toronto and bring soul and sustenance to the city through the garden
Twitter: @PTHort
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Watch video presentations from our past speakers here: Youtube link

We protect and enhance the urban forest by planting native shrubs and trees in residential backyards, and providing programs aimed at community engagement and education
Twitter: @leaf
Facebook: @LocalEnhancementAndAppreciationofForests
Instagram: @leaf_org

A project by white settlers/guests doing land-based work who are exploring how to build respectful, right relationships with Indigenous peoples and this land.

We grow our community one plant at a time
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We offer consulting, garden design and installation. We cultivate relationships between people and plants and specialize in Indigenous gardens, rooftops and containers.

Seed library:
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We provide information and inspire an appreciation of native plants with an aim to restoring healthy ecosystems across the continent
Twitter: @tnanps
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Instagram: @nativeplant_society

We work with families, schools, communities and CSR programs, growing fresh food, anywhere.
Facebook: @TheGrowingConnection
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We’re a grassroots community network of people and groups helping to make neighbourhoods across the City of Toronto and the GTA greener, healthier, and more sustainable
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Instagram: @gnntoronto

We’re a mobile business that brings Creative Companionship—therapeutic gardening, cooking, & storytelling—to older adults
Instagram: @bloomingcaravan

Check out the Cliffcrest Butterflyway’s Community Seed Project in support of bees, birds, and butterflies! We will give you free seeds so you can grow native plants for your garden, schoolyard, or community spaces.

Find out how Seeds to Saplings grows future stewards and how you can receive free acorns. We offer a program that grows red oaks from acorns and sugar maple trees in the classroom and at home.
Twitter: @CCButterflyway
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Instagram: @cliffcrestbutterflyway
Instagram: @seeds2saplings

Live Green Toronto offers tips, tools, resources and incentives to help you green your life. Check out our virtual booth for information on urban agriculture, local food, pollinator protection and so much more!
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Get Growing Toronto: A Guide to Growing Food in the City

Our At Home With Nature e-Learning videos, activities, lesson plans, and additional resources are designed to help families, as well as teachers and their classes, deepen their knowledge of nature, ecology, the environment and their place in it.
Facebook: @TorontoConservation
Twitter: @TRCA_HQ
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We are a community that seeks to create a healthy habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinators in Guildwood Village

Twitter: @gwbutterflyway
Facebook: @GuildwoodButterflywayProject
Instagram: @gwbutterflyway

Close up photo of a chicken with title Extend the hens

Toronto City Council will vote on extending the Urban HensTO pilot city-wide in spring 2023. You can voice your support for henkeepers by signing a petition or contacting your councillor. Don’t forget to mention that community chicken projects are a way to provide access for people who don’t have backyards or can’t afford the costs of keeping chickens.

We partner with schools and community gardens to grow food and trees from seed, promote biodiversity on school grounds including composting education
Twitter: @greenthumbsto
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LinkedIn: Green Thumbs Growing Kids

Your Organic Vegetable Garden Specialists – a one-stop shop for edible garden design, installation, planning, planting, maintenance, and consultation
Twitter: @bufco
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Toronto Master Gardeners are volunteers who share current, science-based horticultural information with the gardening public
Twitter: @TorontoMGs
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We sell natural fertilizers certified for organic agriculture
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Designers of garden complexes, seasonal programming and workshops; restoring land, language and culture with First Nations youth.
Twitter: @Alter_Edenism
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